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Fixing up the Colorado House

We started on 22 August with Brother Don here and ripped out the carpeting in the shop

Ripping out cabinets

Part of the work crew on break

We removed the existing wall on the north side of the kitchen

We decided to tear out the entire existing kitchen to rebuild

Painting and fix-up in the west bedroom

We cleared out the entire mudroom

Another view of the kitchen wall

Dean taking down the wall

Sarah cleaning up walls

We decided to remove a drop ceiling in the living room

Sarah finishing up removing the bear/elk decals

Colleen was also happy to finally remove the last of the decals

The east and west bedrooms had nice oak floors under the carpeting, a pleasant surprise

We had hardwood floors installed in the entire living room, dining room, & kitchen area

We painted the original kitchen cabinets and installed them in the mudroom. Also had a tile floor installed


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